Blue Marsh Farm & Kitchen

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Barbara Fitzpatrick
2606 Hwy 252 RR #2
Whycocomagh, NS, B0E 3M0
Telephone: (902) 945-2729

We grow a diverse range of herbs, vegetables and fruit. And then we create – herbal vinegars and oils, mouthwatering jams and jellies, herbal teas to comfort and heal, sauces to get your taste buds tingling. And more. We are constantly experimenting with the varieties of plants that do best in our environment, and with ways to preserve the bounty of the growing season.

Our small farm is nestled in a peaceful valley in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Far from the madding crowd we grow naturally without artificial fertilizer, herbicides, or pesticides and we use no artificial preservatives or colouring in our products. Our aim is to walk lightly on the earth, nourish the soil, and share the goodness with you.

We also offer Certified Naturally Grown seed garlic, many of them heirloom varieties, (a garden plant whose lineage can be traced for a 100 years or more), available by mail-order anywhere in Canada.

Come see us at the Antigonish Farmers`Market!

Haveracres Strawberry Farm

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David Haverkort
325 St. Josephs Rd., Antigonish
Telephone: (902) 863-3929
We will be selling locally grown strawberries at the market. Depending on the weather and availability, we hope to be there for approx. 4 weeks beginning the week of June 23rd.

Beneath Blue Skies

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Tara and Jaclyn Oostvogels
Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Telephone: (902) 863-3750
Beneath Blue Skies sells produce grown by two sisters in Antigonish County on their family farm.

Ardness Gardens

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Don Butler
Pictou County, Nova Scotia
Telephone: (902) 926-2589
We sell a wide range of perennial flowers, shrubs, fruit trees, gooseberries and gooseberry jam.

Bethany Dugas

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Bethany Dugas
Liscombe, Nova Scotia
I sell hand made needle felted items, such as baskets and wreaths, made from natural materials from my own woodland property. I also offer microgreens, sprouts, salad greens, and seasonal fruits and vegetables from the garden.
My son is sharing a table with me. He will be offering handmade Italian sodas from his own home-made fruit syrups and herbal teas, sachets and bouquets from the herbs he grows. He plans to bake individual hot fruit pies for the fall season.

Wild & Blue Farms Ltd.

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John & Charlotte Mattie
14 Blueberry Lane PO Box 2
Monastery, NS, B0H 1W0
Telephone: (902) 232-3447
Cell: (902) 870-1234
Fresh wild blueberries available throughout the season. We carry freshly frozen blueberries all year ’round at the Farm and at our table at the Market.
We also carry blueberry juice and jelly. Stop by our table and visit us next Market!

Heatherdale Farm

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Andre Levangie
Box 50
Heatherton, NS, B0H 1R0
Telephone: (902) 386-2008
Heatherdale Farm has been selling naturally raised beef and lamb since 1974 and is proud to provide the local community with quality meat cuts. With over 350 named varieties of flowering plants, we offer a wide variety of fresh cut flowers and bouquets in a wide variety of sizes and color combinations.
Try our fresh herbs, early rhubarb, currants, blackberries, plums and raspberries – or for the pet owner we have a variety of Pet Treats which have pleased both pets and owners alike! Feel free to stop by our table at the Market and ask about our Garden Accent Items.
See you at the Market!

Haveracres Maple Farm

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Jason Haverkort
295 St. Joseph’s Rd
Antigonish, NS, B2G 2K8
Telephone: (902) 863-3614
Work: (902) 872-0484
A maple syrup producer since 1999 and a farmer all his life, Jason and family produce high quality syrup available in a variety of sizes from 100 ml to 4 L.
They also farm six acres of strawberry fields and have fresh picked strawberries weekly, that are also available at their U Pick Location. The U Pick is located in St Josephs 13 km from Antigonish (watch for signs).Our products can also be found at locations listed below.
Product Availability:
Maple syrup (Year round)
Strawberries (Summer/July)
Zucchini, cucumbers ( Summer )
Pumpkins, gourds (Fall)
U Pick (Seasonal; open times vary)
Other locations Haveracres Products are sold include Bennett’s Market, Highway 7, Antigonish Braemore Co-op, Church St., Antigonish Farmer’s Daughter Country Market, Whycocomagh, as well as Sobey’s in Antigonish and New Glasgow.

Glenhill Berry Farm

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Sid Taylor
RR #5
Antigonish, NS, B2G 2L3
Telephone: (902) 783-2787
Glenhill Farms specialize in Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries.
Sid and family also have a variety of vegetables available including snap peas and beans, sweet corn, cucumbers field and pickling) Squash ( summer and winter) pumpkins and gourds. Glenhill also has a delicious selection of jams, jellies and pickles.
Product Availability:
Strawberries (July)
Raspberries (July 20 – Aug 7)
Blueberries (Aug 14 – Sept 7 (Frozen year round)
Peas (July)
Beans (July (late) Aug)
Cucumbers (Aug)
Pumpkins/ Gourds (Oct)
Squash (Aug)
Winter Squash (Sept – Dec)
All products are also available at the Glenhill Berry Farm: a convenient roadside stop, where you can treat yourself to a homemade strawberry shortcake and other goodies.The Glenhill Berry Farm is also home to a U-Pick operation, and is located 12 miles south of Antigonish on Highway 7.

GEMMS from Forest & Farm

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Veronica DeYoung
226 Addington Forks Extension
Nova Scotia, B2G2K8
Telephone: (902) 863-5928
Work: (902) 870-3785

GEMMS From Forest & Farm is family owned and operated in the St Josephs area.

Naturally grown fruit and veggies, and Wild Edibles:  Our produce includes Culinary Herbs, Spinach, Fresh Salad Greens, Swiss Chard, Potatoes, Beets, Turnip Greens, String Beans, Fava Beans, Carrots (as sweet as candy), Parsnip (even sweeter), Turnips, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Fiddleheads, Sprouts, Fresh or Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms,  Homemade pickles, Jams, Jellies, and Sauces

Veronica and family also produces, along with the products listed above, a unique line of quality Balsam Fir and White Pine Christmas products, including dried balsam sachets and pillows,  Wreaths up to 60” diameter, Sprays, Grave Blankets and Pillows, Kissing Balls, Garlands.

Watkins Heritage Products are also available by special order.

GEMMS Products are available at the Antigonish Farmers’ Market, and at our Farm Gate by appointment.

Forever Green Organic Farm & Gardens

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Mary and Terry Boyle
9038 – R.R. #1 Afton
Antigonish, NS, B0H 1A0
Telephone: (902) 863-7845
Fax: (902) 232-3317
Forever Green is a mixed farm including beef, hogs, vegetables, grains, forages. It has been a certified organic farm for the last six years.
The Boyles have a selection of organic meat products consisting of various cuts of grass fed beef, select pork cuts and pork/beef sausages. All meat products are processed on location at their provincially inspected meat shop.
A wide selection of vegetables are available, starting early spring with spinach, salad greens, beets greens and green onions, As the growing season progresses expect to see beans, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, kale, eeks, onions, peas, peppers, potatoes, swiss chard and turnip. All produce is picked fresh for the market.
Weekly Mary is busy cooking up a selection of sausage, a must-have for BBQ time and a one-of-a-kind treat at the market. While your enjoying a sausage ask Terry about box orders of meat and produce that can be waiting for you market day. This can also be arranged for other days of the week.
Forever Green products are also available at: “Planet Organic”, Halifax NS. “Chester Organic” Chester NS, and at our farm gate, The Boyle farm is located in Tracadie Antigonish Co. Exit 36 A when traveling East, and exit 37 when traveling West, watch for the Farm Sign.

Admiral Bayfield’s Gardens

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Bill Gunn
1462 Summerside Rd
Bayfield, Nova Scotia, B0H 1A0
Telephone: (902) 386-2481
We operate a small market garden with a wide variety of produce including fresh herbs such as basil, parsley, oregano, and thyme. We also carry traditional and unique vegetables from carrots to artichokes, tomatoes to edamame. You will also find a selection of such fruit staples as apples, pears, raspberries, and cranberries.